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Unique polypeptide formula.


Hydrate is a lightweight fast absorbing moisturizer for all skin types that targets visible signs of aging.

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The most effective anti-aging skincare collection designed to provide youthful, smoother, softer, glowing skin.


For reducing fine lines and wrinkles



For uneven skin color caused by UV damage



For deep hydration to combat signs of aging



For preventing dark circles and signs of aging



For reducing dark circles and signs of aging

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What real customers are saying



“HYDRATE leaves the skin so soft and assimilates quickly. Ever since I’ve started using it, I’ve gotten compliments on how nice my skin looks. My skin is looking firmer and I have noticed fine lines disappear. Great product, easy to use, and priced well.”

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Beth C.


“I love HYDRATE! It isn’t too greasy and works really well under my make up! My skin is extremely sensitive. I have had breakouts and bad allergic reactions. So I was a little scared to try something new. But after a month of using Eternelle I haven’t had any reactions and only great results!! I love this product! ”

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Ali R.


“Finally a skin brightener that works without fragrance and oily residue. Happy with the effectiveness after being in the sunshine too long”

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Cynthia H.


“Regenerate gives me a daily vibrance that helps me start out the day with that glowing refreshed look”

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Tara B.


“ILLUMINATE is easy to use! I noticed that my skin color improved. HYDRATE was absorbed quickly with a very smooth application, and it felt wonderful on my skin. EYE HYDRATE diminished my dark circles and puffiness. My friends commented on how my fine lines have diminished. I highly recommend this product to my friends. It has a superior quality of product at a great price.”

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Barbara K.


“REGENERATE is a nice product. After using it, my skin felt fresh and soft.”

Hugh C.


“After using both Eye Hydrate and Eye Invigorate I could see a visible difference after 3 weeks. Very happy with the product quality”

Carl S.


“These products overall have changed my whole outlook on skincare. It has been so difficult to find products that really work and that don't leave my skin with a rash or sting, which is really painful. Especially with products around the eyes. I am definitely an Eternelle fan and will continue to buy products and have already recommended to my friends.”

Alexis D.


“I noticed results! The puffiness below my eyes was reduced and the fine lines were diminished. In addition my skin is much greater suppleness. EYE HYDRATE is a great product that exceeded my expectations.”

Richard B.


“After using ILLUMINATE, my dark spots have gotten lighter. HYDRATE provides a protective cover on dry skin and is not greasy or oily. I love the packaging and more importantly, what is in it!”

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Odette L.